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ARCHIBALD GRAHAM. According to the 1857-1858 through 1859-1860 Dubuque City Directory, this business was located on 5th south of Hill.

The 1867 Dubuque City Directory listed this business as a brick manufacturer. The company employed ten workers and earned $5,000. (1) By 1878 the company was listed as supplying the brick for a major building project designed by Ora HOLLAND.

In 1879 Graham added his name to a long list of Dubuque's most prominent citizens in urging George Wallace JONES to campaign for sheriff. (2)

The destruction of his home by fire in 1884 was given as evidence of the inability of the fire department to handle fires on the bluffs. While the fire department was reported to have arrived promptly, there was not one cistern from which water could be obtained. The connection to a water "plug" at the DIAMOND HOUSE did not provide enough pressure to reach the fire. (3)



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