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ANDRES, Amelia C.

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ANDRES, Amelia C. (February 11, 1869--Feb. 5, 1951). In 2010 Ms. Andres was honored as one of the teachers with the longest tenure in the DUBUQUE COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT. Living where BIRD CHEVROLET was later constructed, she began teaching at AUDUBON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and stayed for thirty-five years. She then worked twelve years at JEFFERSON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. She had reached the retirement age, but resumed teaching at the Center Grove School and remained for nine years.

Andres was retired without a pension and had to raise chickens to survive.

As the result of efforts spearheaded by Margaret Walser, funds were raised for a special stone to mark this educator's grave in Center Grove Cemetery. The stone was placed on the grave in December 2004.

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