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Image courtesy: Bob Johnsen

MR. STEAK. Mr. Steak, an American steakhouse restaurant chain, was started in 1962 by James A. Mather in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The chain at its peak operated 278 restaurants throughout the United States and 4 in Canada. The chain saw a decline in the 1980s when it attempted to diversify its menu options, drawing focus away from the steak in favor of fish, salads, and chicken.

The Kansas City area locations were purchased by Paul Consiglio in the 1980s, and the corporation went bankrupt in 1987. Locations in Battle Creek, Lansing, Jackson, Muskegon and Okemos, Michigan were converted in 1991 to a new chain called Finley's, which retained most of the Mr. Steak menu; other Mr. Steak restaurants were gradually closed off by the mid-1990s.

The 1970 through 1987 Dubuque City Directory listed Mr. Steak No. 121 at 2600 Dodge.



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