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WKBB. This entry is dedicated to pictures of the WKBB radio operation, Dubuque's first amplitude modulation (AM) radio station.


This was the office in the Hotel Julien. Image courtesy: Bob Reding
This was the office above First National Bank at 505 Main Street.Image courtesy: Bob Reding
Studio "B" was the largest of the four studios operated by WKBB. Complete with a stage at one end, the studio could accommodate an audience of one hundred people. It was used for broadcasting large musical and choral groups as well as audience participation programs.Image courtesy: Bob Reding
Studioi "D" was used for small musical and dramatic groups and served as the main studio for FM station, WDBQ.Image courtesy: Bob Reding
This observation foyer allowed visitors to WKBB to view all four of the station's studios. Image courtesy: Bob Reding
Ethel Carpenter, WBKK music director. WKBB-NBC Blue Network. Image courtesy: Joseph Jacobsmeier
Man on the Street program. WKBB-NBC Blue Network. Image courtesy: Joseph Jacobsmeier
Kitchen of Tomorrow set. WKBB-NBC Blue Network. Image courtesy: Joseph Jacobsmeier