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WILLIAMS, Wayne. (East Chicago, IN-- ). On March 24, 2010 Williams was inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the Hall's Men's Silver Anniversary Team. Williams started playing basketball in the fourth grade. In 1984-85 he teamed with future major league baseball star Kenny Lofton to drive East Chicago Washington to a near perfect season before being stopped in the Indiana State Basketball Final Four. Williams averaged fifteen points and close to ten rebounds per game in his senior year.

Williams' success in high school led to a college career at Texas-Arlington and the UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE and a two-year professional career in Australia.

In 2010 Williams was a girls' basketball coach for the Dubuque YWCA's Intersity Program. He was also a part-time volunteer assistant for DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL where he taught the fundamentals of rebounding. Outside of sports, Williams headed the Williams Fundraiser, a fund-raising program that assisted schools and organizations.



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