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Dr. Peter Whitis, known for his involvement in peace efforts, joined his wife in donating the Peace and Justice Collection to the Schrup Library at Clarke College. Photo courtesy: Dr. Peter Whitis.

WHITIS, Peter. (Mt. Kisco, NY- ). Psychiatrist. Whitis, a physician at MEDICAL ASSOCIATES CLINIC PC (THE), was recognized locally for his participation in the peace movement. With his wife, Martha WHITIS, he founded the local peace chapter "Beyond War" and actively participated in another group called "Physicians for Social Responsibility."

Whitis wrote Beyond Running and coauthored with his wife the book Global Fare, in which quotations from international personalities were incorporated with recipes from around the world. He was the local contact for the 1986 Dnieper River Peace Cruise in Russia and organized the second peace cruise on the Volga River in 1988.

A pioneer of aerobics in the Dubuque area, Whitis wrote a column in the TELEGRAPH HERALD for two years. Wearing number 275, he ran in the 1977 Boston Marathon as one of 2,932 men and women contestants.

Whitis introduced family therapy and hypnotherapy to Dubuque and was the first child psychiatrist in the State of Iowa. In 1990 Dr. and Mrs. Whitis were honored for their donation of an extensive collection of books and tapes to the Schrup Library of CLARKE COLLEGE to establish the Peace and Justice collection. The materials related to peace and justice issues involving the Commonwealth of Independent States.