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1867 advertisement. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding.

WESTERN BREWERY. The 1858-1859 Dubuque City Directory listed Lorimier Avenue near West Dubuque. Tschirgi and Schwind were the proprietors.

The 1868-69 Dubuque City Directory listed Julien Avenue near West Dubuque.

The 1875-1876 through 1890-91 Dubuque City Directory gave as the address for this business--corner of Delhi and Julien.

The brewery began the production of stock and cream ale in January of 1877. The company, according to the Dubuque Herald, had all the facilities needed. (1)

The newspaper also commented on the company's novel way of manufacturing ice. A room in a stone building was fitted with four boards on the floor forming a rectangle 3' x 30'. The area inside was flooded with water which froze. The boards were then slid up the ice and the area again flooded and frozen. This process was repeated over and over again until a block of ice was created. Ice was chipped from the block as it was needed. (2)



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See: Mathias TSCHIRGI