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VINER, John P.

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VINER, John P. (Leon, IA- ). Viner, a graduate of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine in 1974, began his medical career in 1979 with DUBUQUE INTERNAL MEDICINE. (1) A graduate of Simpson College and the University of Iowa, he was the fifth generation of his family to practice medicine. He found his particular interest to be in microbiology and infectious diseases. In 1991 Viner served as chairperson of the Bi-Hospital Infection Control Committee and the Dubuque Regional AIDS Coalition. He was a board member of the Iowa chapter of the American College of Physicians and the Iowa Clinical Society of Internal Medicine. (2)

In November 2015, Viner announced that he would be retiring after thirty-seven years of medical practice. Viner led Dubuque's efforts to combat AIDS in the early history of the disease in eastern Iowa. He worked closely with Mercy Medical Center-Dubuque and Unity Point Health-Finley and was often called for consultation. (3)



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