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1948 advertisement

UHLRICH COAL COMPANY. Working for Fengler and Beutin, Frank A. Uhlrich began in the coal business in 1905. He purchased a half-interest in the company in 1912 and formed the partnership of Even-Uhrlich Company involved in the quarry and coal business. In 1918 the company constructed a large rescreening plant to clean and process coal to proper sizes.

The entire company was purchased in 1919 and became Frank A. Uhlrich & Sons. A corporation under the name of Uhlrich-Paley Company was formed in 1919 when the firm entered the contracting business. The firm was involved in sewer projects, streets, highways and bridges in Iowa and Wisconsin. The corporation was dissolved in 1943 and an end was brought to the contracting business. The same year the family partnership with two sons was formed under the name of Uhlrich Coal Company. The company slogan was "If It's Coal or Coke, We Have It."

The 1934 through 1955 Dubuque City Directory listed 422 Garfield.



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