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Stained glass window in memory of Paul and Louise Traut in St. Mary's Church

TRAUT, Paul. (Dubuque, IA, June 27, 1851--Dubuque, IA, May 23, 1898). Paul Traut's father, Joseph Traut, a native of Prussia, emigrated to America in 1846 and settled in Dubuque. After his arrival here he married Miss Anna Hilken, a native of Luxemburg.

Paul Traut's early education, acquired in the public schools, included commercial courses in the BAYLESS BUSINESS COLLEGE after which he began earning his own livelihood as a salesman for KLINGENBURG AND WULLWEBER. He was then employed as bookkeeper in the wholesale drug house of E. H. Moore for five years.

Traut was involved in establishing or operating many businesses in Dubuque. In 1875 he formed the liquor firm of PAUL TRAUT AND COMPANY with Adam Francis JAEGER, Jr. and Liberat Alphonse "L. A." Rhomberg. He left that business in 1879 to open a hat shop. He was a leader in the consolidation of the four BREWERIES in Dubuque and became vice-president of the resulting DUBUQUE BREWING AND MALTING COMPANY. He was also vice-president of the DUBUQUE STAMPING AND ENAMELING WORKS. Traut helped establish the DUBUQUE WOODENWARE AND LUMBER COMPANY and later served as one of its directors. He served as president of the school board. In 1884 he aided in organizing the GERMAN TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK of which John BELL was elected president and Paul Traut, cashier. He held that position four years and in 1894 was elected president of the bank. At the time of his death, was president of the IOWA COFFIN COMPANY.

In 1880 Mr. Traut entered upon his official career when he was elected City Treasurer of Dubuque on the Democratic ticket for a term of four years. He also won each of the succeeding three elections. In 1889 he was elected Treasurer of Dubuque County for a term of two years and was twice re-elected.

Traut was married in 1873 to Miss Louisa Jaeger, a daughter of Adam F. Jaeger, Jr. They had seven children.



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