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SUTTON, Lynn. (Dubuque, IA-- ). On Monday, March 21, 2011, Lynn Sutton was appointed by the Dubuque City Council to serve as the representative of Dubuque's 4th Ward filling the open chair of Dirk VOETBERG. Sutton was scheduled to take her seat on the council at its April 4th meeting and stated her intent to run for the 4th Ward Council seat in the November election. Her immediate goal was to encourage residents of the 4th Ward to become more active in their neighborhood and city. (1)

Sutton was no stranger to the volunteer level of city government. She had previously served on the Human Rights and Housing commissions. She also served on the Dubuque Community Advisory Panel, Dubuque Dispute Resolution Center, Safe Community Task Force and advisory commission and was president of the Hilltop Ivy League Neighborhood Association. (2)

The daughter of famed civil rights leader Ruby SUTTON, Lynn Sutton was the first African American to serve on the city council. (3)

On November 8, 2011 Sutton was elected to remain on the council. She was unsuccessful in her bid to remain on the council on November 3, 2015. (4)



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