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STACKIS, Emil "Mike"

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STACKIS, Emil “Mike" (Dubuque, IA, Sept. 18, 1927--Dubuque, IA, May 21, 2000). MAYOR. In 1948 Stackis began his career as an apprentice at UNION PRINTING COMPANY. He was elected president of the Dubuque Typographical Local 22 in 1960 and held the position until 1997 when the local merged into the Communication Workers of America. From 1964-2000 he remained active in the CWA Local 7110 as a delegate to the Dubuque Federation of Labor and a member of its board. (1)

Stackis was elected mayor on Monday, January 3, 1977, following the council's tradition of choosing the councilman who received more votes than any other senior councilman who had not already been mayor. Stackis stated that he wanted the City Council to work efficiently despite a political battle over the council seat vacated by the resignation of former mayor Alvin Emil LUNDH. Stackis listed as his other goals the completion of the annexation process of 6.1 square miles and the extension of city services to the area, study of proposals for constructing recycling and energy recovery systems, provision for more downtown parking space, and a restructuring of city government. (2)

In June 1985, Stackis was appointed to the City Council as the replacement for Tom Beurskens. In November 1985, he was unsuccessful in winning election to the position. He was elected president of the Dubuque Federation of Labor in January, 1986. The same month Stackis was elected chairman of Operation New View, a community agency that administered Head Start programs in Dubuque, as well as fuel assistance, self-help programs, and day care. (3) In 1993 he was elected to the board of directors of the Northeast Iowa Community College. He also served on the Dubuque County Democratic Party's affirmative action committee. (4)

He was inducted into the DUBUQUE AREA LABOR HALL OF FAME in 2002.



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