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SPEAS, John William Sr.

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1910 baseball card issued by the American Tobacco Company

SPEAS, John William, Sr. (Toledo, OH, Aug. 17, 1887 – Tyler, TX, January 13, 1969). Speas began his BASEBALL career at the age of eighteen in 1906 in the Ohio-Pennsylvania Association. He moved to the Pacific Coast League in 1909 and did not return to the Midwest until 1922 when he played for Cedar Rapids.

In 1922 and 1925, Speas led the "Cedar Rapids Bunnies" to first-place finishes in the Mississippi Valley League. Since no postseason was played in either year, their were de facto league champions. A similar situation unfolded in 1927, when he led the "Dubuque Dubs" to a first-place finish in the Mississippi Valley League. He was a player/manager for Dubuque in 1926 and 1927. In 1926 the team was called the "Dubuque Speasmen" in the Mississippi Valley League. He returned to Dubuque in 1927-1928 as the manager of the "Dubuque Dubs."



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