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SMITH, Genie M.

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SMITH, Genie M. (Boyce). (VT, November 17, 1852-- ). Boyce married Colonel Dwight T. Smith, and they moved to Dubuque, Iowa.

Mrs. Smith was widely known by her pen-names, "Maude Meredith" and "Kit Clover." She was a prolific author of serials, poetry, short stories and papers on home subjects for women. "Maude Meredith" began her literary career in the columns of the Chicago Tribune in 1880. The following year she issued The Rivulet and Clover Blooms, a small volume of poems. In 1883 she wrote St. Julian's Daughter, a novel of Dubuque in pioneer days. In 1884 she edited and published the Mid-Continent, a magazine which was only printed a short time. In 1886-87-88 she edited The Housekeeper.

Among other periodicals to which she contributed were the Independent, Literary Life, Peterson's Magazine, Chicago Inter-Ocean, Current, St. Louis Magazine, Golden Days, Journalist, Godey's Ladys' Book, Writer, St. Paul Pilneer-Press, Northwest Magazine, Home-Maker, Ladies' World and Ladies' Home Companion.

She published two novels in book form: Winsome but Wicked (Chicago, 1892) and The Parson's Sin (Chicago, 1892). Smith was also the author of The Columbian Cook-Book. In 1886 she published Our Money-Makers, a practical poultry book.