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SHEPPLEY, William S.

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Headstone in Linwood Cemetery.

SHEPPLEY, William S. (Dubuque, IA, Nov. 28, 1896--Dubuque, IA, Mar. 18, 1968). In 1921. William S. Sheppley established W. S. SHEPPLEY AND COMPANY in Chicago using the experience he had gained from working as a salesman in Chicago, Illinois; South Bend, Indiana; and ROSHEK BROTHERS COMPANY of Dubuque. In the next forty years he added to his real estate holdings such companies as Sheppley Bros. Realty Company, Serve Yourself and Save Stores, Home Finance Company, E. H. Sheppley Land Company, TRANSCONTINENTAL SECURITIES CORPORATION and the Main Corporation. He moved his family to Dubuque in 1956 where Sheppley companies operated. (1)

In 1968 as URBAN RENEWAL threatened his businesses, Sheppley, then a member of the city council, bitterly attacked the plans for the downtown area before taking his seat. He died a few minutes later of a heart attack. (2)

He was listed in World's Who's Who in Commerce and Industry (3)

The family business was taken over by Edward SHEPPLEY.

Photo courtesy: Bob Reding



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