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SCHREIBER, John P. MAYOR As Schreiber ended his year as mayor in 1961, the city had a number of projects ready for implementation. Progress in civil defense would include the designation of fallout shelters and eventually stocking them with food by the federal government.

Traffic would receive more attention. The purchase of five new police cars and the use of three METER MAIDS to enforce parking regulations were planned. By mid-summer of 1962, the decision was to be made where and whether to construct a PARKING RAMP. More adequate traffic engineering would be the goal of increasing the use of the city manager's traffic committee. Plans were also made for increased use of large twelve-inch red lights for traffic signals and improved street lighting.

Groundwork was established for the largest municipal works program in the last ten years with the exception of 1958. Projects included were storm sewer projects on Shiras, Marmora and Deborah, and sanitary sewer on Fengler. Water towers were planned along Asbury Road and near Gay and Muscatine.

An URBAN RENEWAL specialist was to be hired early in the year prior to the application for federal planning funds. (1)

There would be double the amount of tree trimming to combat DUTCH ELM DISEASE, an increased emphasis on sidewalk repair, and a new radio network for the FIRE DEPARTMENT. Plans were also made to reduce nuisances like outdoor toilets and a start on developing a minimum housing code and establishing systematic inspections by various city departments.

In later years, Schreiber was the purchasing director at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. (2)



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