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RUMPF-FRUDDEN LUMBER COMPANY. The successor of the LESURE LUMBER COMPANY, the Rumpf-Frudden Lumber Company purchased its predecessor and began a wholesale and retail business with retail outlets in several other cities in Iowa. The company prided itself in its ability to grade lumber immediately after being pulled from the river, thus reducing its handling expense. The annual capacity of the company in Dubuque was 20 million feet of lumber.

W. H. RUMPF, president of the company, was formerly in the wholesale grocery business. Arbst F. FRUDDEN, elected to the Iowa House of Representatives, had long experience in the lumber business. The company's mills in Stillwater, Minnesota, floated its output in LOG RAFTS to Dubuque.

Builders Supply Company, successor to Rumpf-Frudden, was absorbed by the PETER J. SEIPPEL LUMBER COMPANY in 1906. (1)

The 1903 Dubuque County Rural Route Directory listed the foot of 7th.



1. "Death Ends Career of Peter J. Seippel," Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, February 28, 1916, p. 23