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ROSELIEP, Raymond. (Farley, IA, Aug. 11, 1917--Dec. 6, 1993) Roseliep received his Bachelor of Arts degree from LORAS COLLEGE in 1939. He continued his education at the Catholic University of America and received his Master of Arts in English in 1948 and a Ph.D in English Literature from Notre Dame University in 1954. After his ordination in 1943 at ST. RAPHAEL'S CATHEDRAL, Roseliep joined the faculty of Loras in 1946. (1)

Recognized widely through his published writings as a master of traditional English verse forms and membership in the Poetry Society of America, Roseliep began writing haiku in 1960, at first in the traditional 5-7-5 form, then in more experimental ways. He published over twenty books between 1976 and his death. His first book The Linen Bands was published by The Newman Press in 1961. Other books included Rabbit in the Moon, Step on the Rain, The Still Point, Light Footsteps, and Firefly in the Eyecup. In 1964 he was the Poet-in-Residence at Georgetown University. (2) His work also appeared in more than 90 magazines, anthologies, and text books. Research into his life was done by Donna BAUERLY.

In 1976 Roseliep was one of thirty-seven artists who signed a Declaration of Dependence" on nature called for corrective measures to renew man's reverence for his environment and protect it from continued exploitation. (3)

In 2019 The Collected Haiku of Raymond Roseliep which included all the known published haiku by the poet received first place in the Merit Book Awards from the Haiku Society of America for the best haiku book published in 2018. (4)



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