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Roosevelt Park. Photo courtesy: City of Dubuque

ROOSEVELT PARK. The largest park in Dubuque at 207 acres, Roosevelt Park is slightly larger than EAGLE POINT PARK at 164 acres. Located southwest of the city along North Cascade Road, the site was purchased by the city in the late 1960s for $50,000. (1)

In 1992 Dubuque voters were given the opportunity to support the development of an 18-hole golf course on the site. "People for Golf," an appointed volunteer committee established to support the development, stated that the bond issue would allow profits from the operation of the course to be used only for the operation, maintenance and debt relief of the course. (2) Although a majority (56.6%) of the voters approved of the idea, the total did not meet the 60% needed. (3)

It has remained largely undeveloped due to budget limitations. In 2015 the area was the home of STORYBOOK HILL ZOO, a mountain bike trail, a field used by model airplane hobbyists, farmland and wooded areas. (4)

In December 2009 a plan to develop Roosevelt Park with a dog park, disc golf course, multipurpose athletic field, a baseball field, ponds, and restrooms was unveiled. Thought was even given to converting a mine shaft into an interpretive site. In 2015 this plan had still not been undertaken. (5)



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