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PRESTON-WERNER, Tom. (Dubuque, IA-- ). A graduate of DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Preston-Werner began programming on a computer with no hard-drive. He attended Harvey Mudd College in southern California for about two years before leaving to pursue computer programming projects on his own. (1)

In 2008 Preston-Werner with co-founders Chris Wanstrath and P. J. Hyett started GitHub which helps companies and developers build software. GitHub lets developers working on open-source projects use its service for free. Individuals and companies wanting to use the GitHub tools in private must pay a monthly subscription for a cloud service that ranges from $7 to $200. An Enterprise Plan exists for companies that want to take the GitHub software and run it in their own data centers for maximum control and security. (2) The business remained small until 2011. By May of that year, GitHub had become the Web's most popular open source code repository site. (3)


In 2012 GitHub received a $100 million investment from the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. (2) In May 2013 it was named one of the 100 brilliant companies of 2013 by Entrepreneur magazine.

In June 2013, the site had 3.5 million users and hosted 6.8 million software projects. Among the users were the White House which had mobile apps for iPhone and Android and an app called "We the People." The University of Iowa Libraries had several projects on GitHub including an open-source tool for viewing and transcribing its digital files. Security is important for businesses, and the company receives a fee for clients who want to make sure their projects are private. (1)



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