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Photo courtesy: John Pregler

PREGLER, John T. (Dubuque, IA-- ). Pregler came from a long-line of Dubuque residents. The son of former mayor Walter A. PREGLER, he counted among his relatives: Robert L. PREGLER, the first Iowan to graduate from the Merchant Marine Academy, and Gerald G. PREGLER, secretary of RIVERSIDE BOWL.

A graduate of STEPHEN HEMPSTEAD HIGH SCHOOL, Pregler attended the UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration in 2010. In 2017 he was employed locally for Data Transfer Solutions of Orlando, Florida. The company assisted local, county and state public works and engineering departments develop infrastructure plans and long-term maintenance schedules.

In September, 2017 Pregler made his first attempt at public office. He was involved in a three-way primary election to choose a council position from the First Ward. Among his credentials for office, he pointed to his service on the Dubuque Long Range Planning Advisory Commission since 2010 and his term on the city ad-hoc Source of Income Committee in 2015-2016. A frequent contributor to http://encyclopediadubuque.org, Pregler recently debuted his own website--https://thelensofhistory.com/.



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