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PRAIRIE FARMS. Originally, the company was named the Producers Creamery, but it was renamed Prairie Farms Dairy. Since its beginning in 1938, the company has expanded largely through mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures with various dairy cooperatives, producers, and manufacturers.In 2023 Prairie Farms Dairy was a dairy cooperative founded in Carlinville, Illinois and headquartered in Edwardsville, Illinois, a suburb of St. Louis. As a dairy cooperative, Prairie Farms received milk from producers and converted it into many different products, including cheese, butter, ice cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, various dips, yogurt, and fluid milk. Prairie Farms also produced and sold juices, flavored drinks, and pre-made iced tea. [2]

As of May 2018, Prairie Farms received milk from over 900 producers, had 5,700 employees (683 in Greater St. Louis), operated 44 manufacturing plants and over 100 distribution facilities, and had annual sales of over $3 billion. Prairie Farms was a nationally recognized leader in the dairy industry and was known for setting the standard for milk flavor innovations and producing award-winning milk, cheese, and cultured dairy products. The Prairie Farms distribution covered over 30 percent of the United States including Michigan, Kansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, South Dakota,and Mississippi. Products were available in grocery chains, mass merchandiser stores, club stores, convenience stores, dollar stores, drug stores, schools, food service outlets, and warehouse distribution centers.

In 2008, the company reported that its producers produced 1,387,347,510 pounds of milk, averaging 1,873,000 pounds per farm. The sales from the 2007-2008 financial year were about $2.9 billion, a large improvement from the $33,000 sold in the company’s opening year.

In 1999, Prairie Farms stated that it employed 2100 in eight Midwest states, and a total of 4300 if they included those employed at joint venture plants.



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