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PONY LEAGUE. In July 2016 officials of the Protect Our Nation's Youth (PONY) League, a nonprofit organization overseeing competitive baseball leagues for tri-state residents between the acres of 4-18, announced their intention to move to a new site. The league was currently leasing three ballfields from Derby Grange Golf and Recreation Center. The intention was to move five hundred feet down Derby Grange Road to thirty-five acres of farmland. (1)

The three fields being leased proved inadequate for the league's needs. The new site along West 32nd would allow the league to expand from three to five fields and make its own improvements. With better acres to city roads and utilities, the new site offered development costs with an estimated savings of $3 million. The league requested the site to be rezoned to a commercial recreation district to allow construction. (2) Opposition, however, arose from neighbors concerned with the increased traffic, lighting and noise.(3)

In 2017 the Pony League announced plans to bring Northwest League BASEBALL back to Dubuque. (4)



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