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PIEKENBROCK, Thomas. (Dubuque, IA, Feb. 3, 1924--Dubuque, IA, Mar. 15, 2014). The son of Ora and "Pike" Piekenbrock, Thomas and his family moved to Milwaukee after the GREAT DEPRESSION caused the closing of his family's long standing shoe company, E. B. PIEKENBROCK AND SONS.

He attended Marquette University High School Class of 1941 and graduated from Temple University in 1944. After graduation, he joined the Army when he was called to medical service. He graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1949. In 1956, after serving as a flight surgeon for three years, he came to Dubuque and proudly joined his Uncle Frank Piekenbrock in practicing psychiatry at MEDICAL ASSOCIATES CLINIC PC (THE).

In the early years, Dr. Piekenbrock worked to bring advancements in mental health treatment to the Dubuque area and served as Chief of Staff at MERCY MEDICAL CENTER. He went on to become a leading force in developing the Gannon Center for Community Mental Health and continued to care for mental health patients until his retirement at the age of 89 from HILLCREST FAMILY SERVICES.

His outstanding service was recognized over the years, but the one most valued was the American Psychiatric Association 50 year Distinguished Life Member Medallion, only the 105th physician to achieve this award out of more than 34,000 members. He also received the Nancy Hill Award from HILLCREST FAMILY SERVICES in recognition of special services to the organization.

Dr. Piekenbrock was a long-time supporter of the DUBUQUE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, a committed patron to many of the Arts, and served as a former Board of Directors member for the DUBUQUE BOYS' AND GIRLS' CLUBS OF GREATER DUBUQUE.



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