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PALMER, WINALL & CO. Palmer, Winall & Co., composed of William A. PALMER, S. S. Winall, Joseph Bott and Christopher H. BERG were blank-book manufacturers, book binders and printers. The business began in 1864, at the corner of Fourth and Main STREETS, employing two men, and doing almost exclusively custom work.

The 1868-69 Dubuque City Directory listed 74 Main.

The 1873-74 Dubuque City Directory listed Main and 4th.

In the 1878-79 through 1899-1900 Dubuque City Directory, the address was given as the corner of 6th and Iowa.

The business increased rapidly, however, and, after enlarging their resources repeatedly, the firm, in 1879, completed a new building at the corner of Sixth and Iowa STREETS. (1) The premises were constructed of brick, 37' x 68', three stories high, and cost $6,000. The firm occupied the first floor and basement, while the second story was used by the Daily Telegraph, as office, editorial and composing rooms, and the third story by a German association.

In 1911 the firm employed ten men at a weekly cost of $120. The company did a business of $25,000 annually with work shipped to all parts of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.



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