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OVERALLS. In 1910 overalls business was one of the largest in Dubuque. The industry locally was dominated by the H. B. GLOVER COMPANY; BELL BROTHERS COMPANY; RIDER-WALLIS DRY GOODS COMPANY; and JONES BROS. OVERALL COMPANY. (1)

The production of overalls exclusively was a small item to these factories. It was the production of the "kindred products" that kept the factories in business. These products included jackets, lined duck coats, shirts, cotton flannel gloves and mitts, fine shirts, dress pants, working clothing, night wear for adults, night wear for children, and children's play suits. In 1910 the five companies produced over 280,000 dozen of these products annually. The goods produced locally went to every state and were exported. (2)

If the floor space of the four factories were added together the figure would be 331,398 square feet or about 7.5 acres. (3) The total employment was over 1,300 workers. (4)



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