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OPPENHEIM, Dave. (Dubuque, IA, Sept. 16, 1889--1961). Oppenheim had a long and productive career. His work includes:

  1. Pennies from Heaven  (1981) (lyrics: "IT'S THE GIRL")
  2. A Broken Leghorn (1959) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
  3. The Three Faces of Eve (1957) (writer: "Hold Me" (uncredited))
  4. Raw! Raw! Rooster! (1956) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
  5. Upswept Hare (1953) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
  6. Hoppy-Go-Lucky (1952) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
     ... aka "Hippety Hopper and Sylvester in Hoppy-Go-Lucky" - USA (complete title)
  7. Orange Blossoms for Violet (1952) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman")
  8. The Ducksters (1950) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
  9. Golden Yeggs (1950) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
 10. Boobs in the Woods (1950) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
 11. Bad Ol' Putty Tat (1949) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
 12. Holiday for Drumsticks (1949) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman")
 13. So Much for So Little (1949) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
 14. Bone Sweet Bone (1948) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman")
 15. Doggone Cats (1947) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
 16. Along Came Daffy (1947) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman")
 17. Fair and Worm-er (1946) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman")
 18. The Big Show-Off (1945) (writer: "Cleo From Rio", "Hoops My Dear")
 19. Lady, Let's Dance (1944) ("Happy Hearts", "Days of the Beau Brummel", "Lady, Let's Dance")
 20. Super-Rabbit (1943) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman")
 21. Silver Skates (1943) (writer: "A Girl Like You, A Boy Like Me", "Love Is a Beautiful Song", "Lovely Lady", "Dancing On Top Of the World", "Victory Party", "Calling From the Mountain")
 22. A Sunbonnet Blue (1937) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman")
 23. Porky's Garden (1937) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
 24. Sweet Sioux (1937) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
 25. George Hall and His Orchestra (1937) (writer: "When a Lady Meets a Gentleman Down South" (uncredited))
     ... aka "Melody Masters: George Hall and His Orchestra" - USA (series title)
 26. All American Drawback (1935) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))
     ... aka "Pepper Pot: All American Drawback" - USA (series title)
 27. Freddy the Freshman (1932) (writer: "Freddy the Freshman" (uncredited))

Music Department:

  1. The Big Show-Off (1945) (composer: songs "Cleo from Rio" and "Hoops My Dear")



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