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OPERATION NEW VIEW. With the mission of eliminating poverty by mobilizing federal,state and local resources, the agency in 1997 provided help to low-income residents in Dubuque, Delaware, and Jackson counties. These programs included food assistance, Dislocated Workers Program, Iowa Conservation Corps, home energy assistance and Head Start.

In July, 2019 auditors questioned its ability to remain financially operational with its ongoing debts. Noting "deficits from activities in recent years," the auditors found a total net asset deficit of $204,960 and an unrestricted net asset deficit of $424,407. Although agency leaders had developed a reovery and viability plan to control spending and minimize debt, auditors questioned whether it would be enough. (1)

In August, 2019 it was announced that financial problems would lead to Operation: New View relinquishing its sponsorship to administer the federally funded Head Start program in Dubuque, Jackson and Delaware counties. On August 19th it was scheduled to transfer operation to the Community Development Institute, a contractor for the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Operation: New View had worked for months addressing the organization's financial problems. It received an estimated $2.2 million annually to operate thirteen Head Start sites in Dubuque, Epworth, Dyersille, Maquoketa, and Manchester. The grant also received a 20% local match, but the local program had operated at a deficit for several years. (2)

The 1993 Dubuque City Directory listed 1449 Central.



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