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NATIONAL CATHOLIC BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT. The widely watched tournament hosted by LORAS COLLEGE had Anheuser-Busch Inc. of St. Louis and Kirchoff Distributing of Dubuque as sponsors. the tournament was begun by Loras in 1984 as a way to promote Catholic higher education and celebrate the small college student-athlete. At the height of its popularity, the contest attracted crowds of 5,000 to watch the championship games as FIVE FLAGS CIVIC CENTER.

Loras College and tournament officials announced in May, 2001 that the tournament would have its last season that year. As an NAIA institution, Loras was able to schedule 32-33 games annually. Competing at the NCAA Division III level, Loras was limited to 25 basketball games annually by the NCAA. With the 20 basketball games each year devoting 80% of its possible games, the non-conference options were very limited.

Loras officials were also interested in other options. In 2001 the school was considering the construction of a new fieldhouse and had contacted the NCAA about hosting future Division III championship tournaments in wrestling, track and softball.



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