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N. S. ANDREWS. An agricultural implement dealer in Dubuque, Andrews was one of many Dubuque manufacturers who sent exhibits of their work to the Manufacturers' Exhibit at the World's Fair in 1884. N. S. Andrews furnished two "finely finished churns" which were part of seven railroad cars of displays from Dubuque merchants. (1) In May, 1896 he received a medal at the Columbian Exposition for his exhibit of dairy supplies. (2) Andrews and H. F. Burnap of Dubuque received a patent in January 1886 for a cream testing churn. (3)

Andrews was a man of many accomplishments. In 1891 he wrote and published a pamphlet called Deedee, or Pearly's Story. The story was written as an autobiography of a milch cow and was intended to illustrate many of the aspects of the dairying business and the difference and results in the treatment of fine stock. (4)

In 1892 while attending the national convention of the butter and cheese manufacturers, Andrews suggested that Dubuque, located in the heart of the dairy and creamery region of the United States, would be a fine place for the next convention. Since the meeting would be held over four days and bring between 3,000-4,000 people to the community, the city council adopted a resolution extending its invitation to the group. (5) In May, 1892 the DUBUQUE COMMERCIAL CLUB and the BOARD OF TRADE added their own invitations. The efforts proved successful. It was at this meeting that Andrews' ode was performed. (see picture)

A resident of Farley, he was nominated for county treasurer in 1891, but declined to "offer himself as a living sacrifice on the Prohibition-Republican altar." (6) In 1896 he served as vice-president of the Ballot Improvement Club which endorsed a bill to amend the Australian ballot law. (7) He did run as a Republican for clerk of the district court in 1898. It was rumored that his name was to be withdrawn and replaced by that of Christian Anton VOELKER. (8) This proved to be untrue. (9)



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