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c. 1868. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

MULLANY, John. (Tipperary County, Ireland, July 30, 1813-Dubuque, IA, Apr. 18, 1884). Mullany was considered one of Dubuque's brightest architects with projects under his direction including ST. RAPHAEL'S CATHEDRAL, ST. MARY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH, the Mullany block, and the EAGLE POINT schoolhouse.

Although new to Dubuque, Mullany was awarded the commission for St. Raphael's based on his reputation of Augustin Pugin, one of Great Britain's most important Gothic Revival architects. Pugin was so determined with designing in Gothic Revival style that he converted to Catholicism believing that the Gothic style was the only style because of its grandeur and height that should be used to build all Catholic churches. Among the benefits of hiring Mullany was perhaps the connection he made for the cathedral with John Hardman & Co., the Staffordshire, England stained-glass studio which created most of the St. Raphael's stained glass. Hardman was one of the artisans influenced by Pugin.


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