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MOTT, Kenneth

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MOTT, Kenneth. (Mason City, IA, Nov. 1, 1936--Sumner, IA, June 25, 2000). Mott was an accomplished musician who financed his college education by playing piano dinner music in East Dubuque and Galena, Ill. He received his bachelor of arts degree at LORAS COLLEGE.

He operated KEN MOTT PIANO AND ORGAN COMPANY at Montgomery Wards store at KENNEDY MALL from 1970 until 1980. He then opened Ken Mott Music & Computers on Cedar Cross Road.

An accomplished pilot, Mott was a member of the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association and The Experimental Aircraft Association. He was a member and past president of the 660 Club and member of B.P.O. ELKS CLUB of Dubuque and St. Raphael's Cathedral parish. He died from injuries sustained when the airplane he was piloting from Mason City to Dubuque crashed near Sumner during severe weather.



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