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Pin of the National Antiquarian Association. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Image courtesy: Joseph Jacobsmeier

MIDWEST ANTIQUARIAN ASSOCIATION. The financial arm of the COLUMBIA MUSEUM OF HISTORY, ART, AND SCIENCE, the Association was organized to provide financial support to the museum and its activities. The Association charged an annual membership fee of two dollars for individuals, ten dollars for groups, and one dollar for libraries. Members received a quarterly journal. In May 1937, Eleanor Roosevelt accepted an honorary membership in the organization.

In May 1940, the Association was renamed the NATIONAL ANTIQUARIAN ASSOCIATION to help portray its national views. By October membership chairperson Anna M. Baxter had convinced fifty-four women and twenty-four men to become members of an advisory board. Members, including Governor Alfred E. Smith of New York, came from the District of Columbia and thirty-nine states. Staff of the museum organized a lecture bureau and prepared "visual programs" that could be sent out on loan to member groups.



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