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MARQUETTE BOWLING LEAGUE. In 1898 the City of Dubuque had only two regulation bowling alleys. In 1900 the interest in the sport had led to ten alleys--Schreiner and Stoltz had four, Marquette Hall had two, J. W. Dick had two, Germania Hall had two, and two were to be constructed in St. Mary's parish in a new building. (1)

In 1900 it was announced that the Marquette Bowling League would re-organize and a series of forty games would be played by each team. Frank M. JAEGER was the president. (2)

In 1949 the Marquette Bowling League featured six teams--Beaves Plumbers, Meyer's Tavern, Mushroom Tavern, Chateau, Herbst Conoco Service, and Nick's Tavern. (3)



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