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Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

LITTLE DUBLIN NEWS. Controversial monthly paper edited by Clarence W. “Rainbow” DUFFY. Duffy began publishing the paper in 1980. The original twenty copies grew by 1983 to a monthly publication of 1,100 copies. It was reported that eight hundred copies of the publication were mailed to thirty states with at least one copy reaching Taiwan.

Duffy later said the purpose of the publication was to preserve the spirit he found on Dubuque's south side when growing up. Readers were treated to pictures of old-time Dubuque, anecdotes, and humor (which some found objectionable).

Duffy's appointment to the Dubuque Human Rights Commission sparked controversy. Among the groups demanding his resignation was the American Postal Workers Union which resented remarks in the publication about women in the post office. The City Council voted 6-1 to retain Duffy on the Commission. Later the mayor and one council member apologized for statements they made at coalition members during council meetings. (1)



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