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LIPPER, Gloria

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

LIPPER, Gloria. (Orange, CA, July 2, 1942--Dubuque, IA, Mar. 2, 2015). Lipper, the general campaign chairwoman of the United Way's campaign in 1982-1983, was the first woman to head the organization in its fifty-two year history. It was for her work with the United Way that she was nominated for the FIRST CITIZEN AWARD from the TELEGRAPH HERALD in 1982. She and her husband George LIPPER were the first couple to receive the award.

Lipper came to Dubuque with her husband in 1968. She served on the Phone-a-Friend Crisis Line, League of Women Voters, and the board of the DUBUQUE COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. She was recognized locally for her efforts as a campaign consultant who organized fund-raising campaigns for HILLCREST FAMILY SERVICES, TRI-STATE INDEPENDENT BLIND SOCIETY, and the Iowa Welcome Center which became part of the NATIONAL MISSISSIPPI RIVER MUSEUM AND AQUARIUM. She was also the campaign consultant for the BARN COMMUNITY THEATER when it purchased the GRAND OPERA HOUSE and a volunteer in the East Dubuque schools and the GIRL SCOUTS.

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