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LINCOLN PARK. In April 1911, the city of Dubuque took an option on a block of property from John Olinger. The land was located at the corner of Sanford Avenue and Jackson STREETS. The city came into immediate possession and had until December 31, 1912 to carry out the option.

The city proposed to create Lincoln Park on the site. Under the direction of the park commission, several baseball diamonds were immediately created. Twelve elm trees were planted on the Washington Street side with plans to plant trees along each side of the park. Future plans were for the construction of back stops in a way that two different baseball diamonds could use the same back stop. The remainder of the block was to be used for playground with additional plantings of trees and shrubs. At the time the option was taken, no plan had been made to raise the purchase price of the ground. (1)

The corner of 24th and Jackson STREETS was made into a park where in 1913 a merry-go-round was temporarily place before being shipped from the city in July. The equipment was described as "of the type which accompany all street carnivals." (2) In the winter, an ice rink was created in the park for youngsters on the North End. (3)

The "World at Home" exposition of shows appeared for a week in 1914 with the activities hosted by the Moose organization. Sixteen tents were scattered across the grounds by the company of four hundred which had recently appeared in Cedar Rapids. Among the most popular events was a ride around the show grounds on a camel, the merry-go-round, and the motordome. "Unusually" large crowds were reported. (4)

References to Lincoln Park in the Telegraph Herald after 1914 have been unable to be found.



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