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Lenz Monument Company in 2010.
Advertising packet for Lenz Monument Company. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
1999 advertisement. Photograph courtesy of Bob Reding
Company advertisement. Photo courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/groups/45737582684/
Inside the packet, in addition to more advertising, was a paper folder containing nineteen needles of different sizes. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

Lenz Monument began in 1876 on the same location that it held in 2012--1672 Central Avenue. The family lived upstairs and the business was downstairs. For nearly seventy-five years, headstone orders were done in ink by hand on a general ledger or stock cards. (1)

Edward J. Lenz, the fourth-generation owner, passed away in December 2007. Richard and Kathy Neuses, employees of Lenz Monument for nearly four decades, bought the company in May 2008. In 2019 the firm created everything from benches to commercial signage. (2)

In December, 2020 the company owners announced an expansion. In construction that would expand the square footage from 900 to nearly 5,000 square feet, the firm will build upward. The space was planned for production, showroom and offices. Construction was planned for weekends with the business remaining open. (3)



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