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KUTSCH, Charles

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KUTCH, Charles. (June 13, 1933-- ).Kutsch's service to bowling included his over twenty-five years as secretary of the Dubuque Major League. He was elected president of the Dubuque Bowling Association for the 1962-63 season after serving on the Dubuque board since 1953. He was elected to the Iowa State Bowling Association as a director in 1976 and served as president from 1982-1983. He was appointed secretary of the Iowa State Bowling Association in 1986.

Kutsch bowled in 32 Iowa State Tournaments, 31 city tournaments, and 26 ABC tournaments. He was a delegate to the ABC convention more than 15 times and over 25 times to the Iowa State Council of Delegates meeting.

Kutsch, a holder of 3 sanctioned 700 series, organized the Dubuque chapter in 1960 and was a charter member and secretary (Pin Buoy). Through is efforts, Dubuque had the largest 700 Club in the United States. He served the National 700 Clubs in all offices and was president i the 1979-81 seasons. He later served as president )King Pin) during the 1979-81 seasons and a still later as assistant secretary of the 700 BCA. He helped organize the Iowa State 700 Club which incorporated the Regional District of Iowa 700 Clubs. He was served as president of the Iowa State 700 Clubs.

On June 5, 1977 he was granted Life Membership in the Dubuque 700 Club and was inducted into the Iowa Bowling Hall of Fame in March, 1988.

Nomination Letter for Iowa State Bowling Association Hall of Fame




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