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KNIPPEL, Mathias

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KNIPPEL, Mathias J. (West Bend, Wisconsin, March 14, 1863--Dubuque, IA, Oct. 30, 1937). After attending parochial school, Knippel attended and graduated from Pio Nono College for teachers and organists at St. Francis, Wisconsin. He then served as a teacher and organist at Fond du Lac and Goldendale, Wisconsin.

Knippel came to Iowa in 1886 and served as a teacher and organist at SS Peter and Paul's Church in Petersburg until 1890. He then became an organist at St. Francis Church and principal of the boys' school until 1902. He also conducted night school for advanced students. While in Dyersville he served as secretary of the RCMP of Iowa, a fraternal insurance society.

Knippel and his family moved to Dubuque when he joined the staff of the PHILLIPS ALTAR FACTORY. Encouraged by his associations with many priests in the area, he opened his own firm, Knippel's Church and Religious Supply Company later KNIPPEL'S RELIGIOUS GOODS in 1907 at 453 Main.



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