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JENNEY, John. (Lamont, IA-- ). John was the son of Truman W. C. Jenney and his wife Maud. Truman was the justice of the peace in Lamont, president of the consolidated schools, and taught classes. In 1946 John Jenney was living in Waterloo. (1) John Jenney was the father of famed trombonist Jack JENNEY who gave his father the credit for him becoming successful.

Photo courtesy: Paul Hemmer
September 2, 1923. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald.
August 4, 1922. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald.

John Jenney and his family moved to Dubuque in 1910. He taught students of brass instruments at COLUMBIA COLLEGE and was the founder of the Dubuque Band Academy. In the early 1920s, Jenney also organized the John Jenney and His Grandisos, the first touring band ever assembled in Dubuque. (2) He was appointed the leader of the municipal band in 1919. (3) When called upon to assist the public schools, he assumed the leadership of the DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL band with rehearsals starting in January 1923 and a program scheduled for March. (4)

In 1921 Jenney accepted a position with the RENIER MUSIC HOUSE in the band instrument department. (5) He announced his school of music in 1923.

Jenney lived in Dubuque until around 1935 when he was hired as the manager of the C. G. Conn Instrument Company in Hartford, Connecticut. (6)



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