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JANTSCH, William

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Photo courtesy: Dubuque Community School District

JANTSCH, William. (Dorchester, WI- ). Jantsch came to Dubuque in 1969 as an assistant football coach, sophomore basketball coach and science teacher at DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. He became head coach the next year. In 1971, Jantsch was named coach of the year in the Mississippi Valley Conference.

Jantsch was recognized as "Coach of the Year" several times in basketball, baseball, and football. He led Dubuque Senior to the school’s first M.V.C. football championship in 1971. Jantsch became Senior’s Activity Director in 1973 and helped to initiate the women’s athletic programs. He was also instrumental in development of the soccer complex and the hiring of full time athletic trainers for the Dubuque Schools.

Jantsch assumed the athletic directorship of the District upon the retirement of Harold SWEET in 1982. Jantsch was an active member of the IHSADA, was twice selected "District Athletic Director of the Year" and was recognized with the NIAAA State Award of Merit in 1996. He retired in 1997.



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