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J. P. STEINER AND COMPANY. J. P. Steiner & Co., a wholesaler of fancy goods and toys, was located at 552 Main Street in 1887.

The business was one of the oldest in the city. It was established in 1837 by Mr. C. Jackley, who operated it until 1858, when Steiner & Zust purchased the business. The firm was renamed to J. P. Steiner and Company in 1877.

The company was a large direct importer of china, Bohemian glass, and toys. It also manufactured and sold children's carriages, express wagons, and fishing tackle. A large and stock of five and ten cent counter goods and specialties was also offered.

Originally the company was a retail establishment and the wholesale department was added. In 1883 the firm discontinued the retail department and continued its wholesale trade in Iowa and Minnesota and the territory of Dakota.

Locally the company employed a staff of six clerks and assistants.



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