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IOWA PEACE OFFICERS' ASSOCIATION. In 1908 the Iowa Association of Chiefs of Police and Peace Officers became the first statewide organization to represent Law Enforcement Officer serving the State of Iowa. A.G. (John) Miller of the Des Moines Police Department became the first President.

The "Chief's" Association has grown to become one of the largest professional Law Enforcement Associations in the state. In 2014 there were approximately 1800 members of the organization. Membership was open to "ALL" certified Peace Officers in the State of Iowa and included City Officers of all ranks, Sheriffs and Deputies, State Troopers, IDOT Officer, Federal & State Agents from the FBI and DCI.


1908 A.G. (John) Miller Des Moines

1909 Unknown

1910 Unknown

1911 W.T. Dinneen Waterloo

1912 J.M. Carl Cedar Rapids

1913 H.T. Wagner as Secretary /Treasurer

1914 H.T. Wagner as Secretary /Treasurer

1915 H.T. Wagner Waterloo

1916 H.T. Wagner Waterloo

1917 M.T. Jordan Fort Dodge

1918 M.T. Jordan Fort Dodge

1919 J.W. Giellis Dubuque

1920 George Weilen Waterloo

1921 L.S. Morrison Cedar Rapids

1922 W. L. Kelly Des Moines

1923 Thomas Lock Mason City

1924 C. McPherson Keokuk

1925 E.L. Leighton Waterloo

1926 Joseph Young Sioux City

1927 E. Flattery Fort Dodge

1928 W.C. Benesh Cedar Rapids

1929 F.J. Glassco Marshalltown

1930 E.C. Lane Council Bluffs

1931 H.A. Alber Des Moines

1932 J.W. Giellis Dubuque

1933 F.M. Shores Waterloo

1934 Gordon C. Hollar Sioux City

1935 Ray S. Tapper Cedar Rapids

1936 E. J. Patton Mason City

1937 O. T. Roberts Clinton

1938 E.C. Lane Council Bluffs

1939 Ray J. Mahr Sioux City

1940 Reed Phillips Davenport

1941 Joe H. Strub Dubuque

1942 Jess H. Clift Cedar Rapids

1943 George Stoltz Dubuque

1944 George Stoltz Dubuque

1945 Joseph Young Sioux City

1946 Joseph Young Sioux City

1947 Joseph Young Sioux City

1948 Tom Condon Cedar Rapids

1949 Harry J. Krieg Waterloo

1950 Lorin Miller Des Moines

1951 H.A. Thordsen Davenport

1952 William J. Kudrna Cedar Rapids

1953 Harry Gibons Sioux City

1954 Theodore McGill Muscatine

1955 Floyd Hartzer Des Moines

1956 Hugh B. Callahan Dubuque

1957 James O'Keefe Sioux City

1958 R.J. Wiesel Burlington

1959 Delos A. Dooley Marshalltown

1960 Frank O'Neill Cedar Rapids

1961 Howard Eide Des Moines

1962 Tony Bucchino Sioux City

1963 Ollie A. White Iowa City

1964 K.R. Binger Charles City

1965 Vear Douglas Des Moines

1966 Harold Casey Sioux City

1967 George J. Matias Cedar Rapids

1968 Paul Hodgson Iowa Falls

1969 Robert Beener Waterloo

1970 John Iverson Davenport

1971 R.E. Hayes C.R.I. & P.R.R.

1972 Jerry Clift Cedar Rapids

1973 Jerry Clift Cedar Rapids

1974 Wendell Nichols Des Moines

1975 Nick Sulentic Council Bluffs

1976 Buddy Olson Maquoketa

1977 LaVerne Power Waterloo

1978 Richard Zoeckler Davenport

1979 Boyd Spaulding Sioux City

1980 Wayne Woods Urbandale

1981 Paul Hoffey Cedar Falls

1982 Donald Knox Jr. Des Moines

1983 Warren Tilton Mason City

1984 Karlton Dyke Waterloo

1985 Michael Emerson Cedar Rapids

1986 Robert Noble Des Moines

1987 Robert D. Kruse Conrad

1988 William Adams C.N.W. Railroad

1989-1990 Kayne Robinson Des Moines

1991 Eugene Kleinow Mason City

1991 William Hermansen Waterloo

1992 Richard Mobley Osage

1993 Judy Bradshaw Des Moines

1994 Lance Olson Marengo

1995 Becky Morgan Waterloo

1996 Dave Johnson Cedar Rapids

1997 Mike Hamm Sioux City

1998 Michael Birmingham Grinnell

1999 William Yount Linn County

2000 Terry Dehmlow Denver/Bremer County

2001 Douglas Book Forest City

2002 David Ness Des Moines

2003 Roger Muri Atlantic

2004 George O'Donnell IDOT

2005--2006 Dan Howington Centerville

2007-2008 Jeff Harnish Toledo

2009-2010 William Melville Sioux City

2011-2015 David Lorenzen IDOT - Currently serving