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Iowa Furnishing Company seen on the left of this postcard. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding.

IOWA HOUSE FURNISHING COMPANY. In early 1902 Iowa House Furnishing Company replaced the DUBUQUE CABINET MAKERS' ASSOCIATION at 1000 Main. The owner, P. A. Leonard, pioneered an innovative way of selling furniture. Leonard advertised that his company would completely furnish a home including floor coverings, window trimming, and cooking utensils at a set price depending upon the number of rooms.

The 1904-1905 through 1915 Dubuque City Directory stated that this business was located at 978-998 Main.

The 1923 Dubuque City Directory listed 390 Main.

Leather wallet. Photo courtesy: Jim Massey
Photo courtesy: Jim Massey.
Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald



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