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HOTDOGS. A national taste-treat, fifty million hotdogs are eaten in the United States daily. One of the nation's major producers of hotdogs was FDL FOODS INC. which produced 250 million hotdogs annually. The Dubuque plant had the capacity of producing 96,000 each hour.

Forty percent of the FDL hotdogs were sold between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The Fourth of July was usually the peak weekend. FDL's best selling hotdog, the DUBUQUE PLUMPERS, was the official hotdog of the Atlanta Braves at its Atlanta, Georgia, Fulton County Stadium.

FDL produced an estimated 400 different types of hot dogs and sausages ranging from bratwurst and Polish sausage to Plumpers and foot-long hot dogs--which were 1.34 inches longer than the traditional foot-long "dogs" which were actually 10.25 inches long. Hot dogs were processed by pumping the meat mixture into cellulose casings which were later removed. The company, however, also manufactured a hot dog with a natural sheep casing which retained the hardwood smokehouse flavor produced by the hickory and apple woods.



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