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Hockrein, Bob. Beginning bowling in 1979, he joined the adult rank at the age of 16 in 1984 averaging 194 and 195 in two different leagues.

His tournament accomplishment include"

1. 1985-700 Club Doubles Champion

2. 1987-Rockford, IL Match Game Champion

3. 1989-700 Club Doubles Champion

4. 1995-700 Club Jamboree Team Champion

5. 1996-700 Club Doubles Champion

7. 1987-Iowa Open High Qualifier

8.. 2n Place in Iowa Open in 1991, 1992, 1993

9. 1992 US Open-30th Place

10. 4 time Runner-up Big Ten (64 an double elimination tournament)

11. 4 time Champion in Big Ten (64 man double elimination tournament)

12. 5th Place All Events Iowa State Tournament

13. 4th Place Team Event Iowa State Tournament

14. 3rd Place Team Event Iowa State Tournament

15. 2nd place Doubles Event Iowa State Tournament

16. 1st place Singles Event Iowa State Tournament in 2001 and 2003

17. 2 time MAST (Madison Area Scratch Tour) Champion

18. 9 time Greater Iowa Champion

19. 18th place Team Event in ABC Tournament

20. 15th place Team Event in ABC Tournament

21. 2nd place All Events in ABC Tournament 1990

22. 1st place Singles in ABC Tournament 1990

23. 1st place PBA Willowbrook Open 2006

In service to bowling, Hochrein served as league secretary for five years, ten years on the Dubuque Junior Bowling board, member of the Board of Directors for the Greater Iowa Bowling Association, secretary of the Dubuque 700 Club for twelve years, and served the Dubuque Bowling Association for eleven years on the board of directors and president in 2004.

Other achievements include:

1. 4-298 games

2. 17-299 games

3. 64-300 games

4. 34-800 series

5. In twenty years he had a high league average of at least 213 with a high of 240 in the 2002-2003 season for 66 games.

Nomination Letter for Iowa State Bowling Association Hall of Fame