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HEUSTIS, James Walter

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Certificate of membership. Photo courtesy: Carnegie-Stout Public Library

HEUSTIS, James Walter. (Boston, MA, Apr. 4, 1859--Dubuque, IA, Apr. 9, 1932). Heustis graduated from the English High School of Boston and then attended Adams Academy at Quincy and Thayer Academy at South Braintree, South Boston. He graduated from the medical department of Harvard in 1884 and studied abroad for twenty-six months with an emphasis on the eyes, ears, nose and throat.

In 1886 Heustis opened a medical practice in Pittsburg and remained there until April 1891. He then moved to Dubuque where he enjoyed a thriving practice. In 1893 he became an eye expert for the United States Board of Pension Examiners. He held the same position for the United States Accident Insurance Company and was the physician and surgeon for the Actor' Fund Association.




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