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Dubuque City Directory, 1857-1858. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

HENRY LEMBECK AND COMPANY. The 1856-1857 Dubuque City Directory gave the address as the corner of 11th and Orange.

The 1858-1859 though 1878-79 Dubuque City Directory gave the address for this business, planing mill, as the corner of 11th and Washington. The company was destroyed by fire on August 7, 1878. (1) By August 10th the company announced that it would rebuild using brick. (2)

The 1867 Dubuque City Directory gave no address for this business.

The 1868-69 Dubuque City Directory listed the southeast corner of 9th and Clay.

See: Henry LEMBECK

1859 advertisement from city directory.



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