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HARVEST SAVINGS BANK. The successor to DUBUQUE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Harvest Savings Bank, when renamed in August 1985, had ninety-four employees and assets of $180 million. The main office was located near Plaza 20 on Dodge Street.

The financial institution began in Dubuque as the Dubuque Building and Loan Association. In 1949 the company, with assets of $3.2 million dollars and four employees, moved from the Fischer Building to 8th and Iowa STREETS. The name was changed to the Dubuque Savings and Loan Association as the company increased its business in home loans and added certificates of deposit and passbook savings. Branch offices were constructed in 1973 on Kennedy Road and in 1980 on 22nd Street.

The 1989 Dubuque City Directory listed TOWN CLOCK PLAZA, John F. Kennedy at Congress, White at 22nd, and PLAZA 20.

The "Dubuque is" community-oriented advertising campaign launched by Harvest Bank in 1990 won the prestigious National Medal of Honor from the Financial Institutions Marketing Association. The program, run in newspaper, outdoor billboards, magazines, radio, and television, was judged the Best Total Advertising Campaign within its asset category.

In July 1992 Harvest merged with Clinton Federal Savings and Loan Association. The expanded Harvest Bank would remain headquartered in Dubuque with Clinton's offices in DeWitt and Clinton becoming branches of Harvest. Clinton Federal had been formed in 1918. The merger resulted in a bank with $265 million in assets. (1)



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